Tyler K is up to the challenge with his latest album SPECTRUM

"The stigma around autism needs to be changed, and through this album I can do that"
23 May 2023

Tyler K is an amazing rapper and musician from Jacksonville, Florida. He’s only 17 but has faced so many struggles, including his autism diagnosis – yet still keeps striving for his music career.

Drawing on lots of different kinds of music, he creates tunes with the intention of inspiring folks and smashing stereotypes about autism.

Now he is ready to break barriers with his latest album, SPECTRUM, out now on all platforms.

In reference to the album, Tyler said: “Throughout my life I’ve been faced with many challenges, including autism. I want people to know that I can fit in with the best even through the diagnosis. The stigma around it needs to be changed, and through this album I can do that.”

Tyler’s new song Run With Me is the lead single from SPECTRUM and it perfectly displays his vocal prowess. It has a cohesive mix of thought-provoking lyrics, upbeat rhythms, and catchy hooks.

His album is a tribute to his ambition to blow away the boundaries and show that talent has no boundaries. It’s an incredible journey he’s been on – embracing his spirituality and the paths that brought him here.

Tyler’s from Jacksonville, so he looks up to the artists there like Yungeen Ace and Foolio. He also takes a lot of cues from Tyler, The Creator for his boundary-pushing music style.

Tyler was born in a tiny city near Xi’an, China but unfortunately got abandoned by his biological family. Eventually, he was lucky enough to be adopted by a family from the US.

Even with all the hardships Tyler’s gone through – from losing family members to multiple surgeries – his charismatic attitude and strong spirit have stayed just as vibrant as ever.

His SPECTRUM album shows that people with autism can do amazing things – and this is a reminder never to underestimate their potential.