Two Door Cinema Club Irish Gigs

Following on from their electric performance at Electric Picnic yesterday Two Door Cinema Club have announced three end of year Irish tour dates: 7th December Belfast, Mandela Hall, 8th December Dublin, Tripod and 9th December Galway, Black Box.
Featured in the BBCs Sound of 2010 poll, Two Door Cinema Clubs debut album Tourist History is undeniably pop, and it draws on electronica/electro, rock and Afro-beats without ever recalling hopeful dilettantes, but the sum is greater than any ‘indie electro pop’ parts.

The album simply multiplies the single’s surfeit of ideas and sounds. The only constant between songs is the length of them – namely, short. The songs average out at a pop-perfect 3 mins 20 secs each.

Says Kev, “We’ve never seen the point of adding something on to make the song longer. Or to cram in lots of songs. We just wanted a really impressive first album, where every song could be someone’s favourite.”
From the Afro-pop lilt of Something Good Can Work (imagine Vampire Weekend with an acute pop sensibility) to the smooth/jittery combo of Eat That Up It’s Good For You [about the rise of women emulating men’s worst boozing-and-cruising habits: “that’s me venting my anger, in a happy pop song,” Alex grins), there are TDCC favourites all over the shop.

If they can make such a mature album this early on, think of what they can do next time and the next album after that. Eat it up, it’s good for you…

Tickets for Two Door Cinema Club’s irish dates are on sale this Wednesday 8 September at 9am.

Photos by Jamie Adamson