Photo by Fraizer Dunleavy

TWNTY unveils the epic finale: ‘Two Phones’

"The trilogy unfolds like a carefully crafted narrative, skilfully narrating the highs and lows of TWNTY's personal journey"
19 December 2023

By JJ Disco

South London’s rap maven, TWNTY, concludes his captivating trilogy collection with the release of Two Phones, a compelling single that signifies the culmination of an enthralling chapter in the artist’s musical journey.

Two Phones serves as the final instalment in TWNTY’s trilogy series, an ambitious venture that started with Escape and Henny Ice No Chase. Delving into the artist’s life experiences, the trilogy unfolds like a carefully crafted narrative, skilfully narrating the highs and lows of TWNTY’s personal journey.

The three videos, available on his YouTube channel, showcase not only his musical prowess but also establish TWNTY as a distinctive storyteller in the realm of Hip Hop/R&B.

What began as a casual, guitar-centered recording metamorphosed into a grand narrative that spans multiple tracks. Two Phones exemplifies TWNTY’s versatility and storytelling finesse, elevating the single into a profound exploration of his life’s events. The song not only stands as a testament to his growth as an artist but also solidifies TWNTY’s unique position within the music scene.

Complementing the sonic journey, the monochromatic video for Two Phones propels the track to new heights. Offering a vintage cinematic experience, the visuals exude charm and intrigue, enhancing the overall narrative. TWNTY’s commitment to presenting his art in a stylish manner further distinguishes him from his contemporaries.

Innovative, stylish, and explorative, TWNTY’s approach to music sets him apart in the current cultural landscape. From his distinctive voice and versatile flows to his genre-blending compositions and captivating visuals, TWNTY ensures that every moment within his music is nothing short of enthralling.

Since his debut in 2022, TWNTY has garnered significant attention, with several tracks amassing over 100K views and streams. Clearly, he has become a sought-after artist, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and forward-thinking approach.

As fans eagerly await what’s next from TWNTY, the artist continues to break new ground in the music industry. Discover the magic of TWNTY’s Two Phones and witness the conclusion of an outstanding trilogy that solidifies TWNTY’s status as an artist to watch.