Twin City unveil ‘Solid Gold’, an electrifying return that resonates powerfully

"It's a no-nonsense rock n roll tune with a message of positivity and self belief"
20th September 2023

Bristol’s vibrant​ rock outfit, Twin City, are back with their electrifying new single, Solid Gold. ​ This quartet is once again proving their worth, seamlessly blending indie and rock and roll influences.

With production and mixing talents of Tom Smith (known for his work with Holy Youth Movement and The Pleasure Dome) and mastering expertise from James Trevascus (of Invada Studios in Bristol), Solid Gold stands as a resolute statement of intent from the band. It boldly delivers a high-octane, infectious soundscape that mirrors the energy and excitement of their live performances.

Guided by a barrage of thick, distorted guitars, the track’s relentless drumming and solid basslines create a powerful, immersive musical backdrop. This serves as the perfect canvas for the snarling, urgent, yet melodious lead vocals. As the song unfolds, it evolves from a gripping verse into an explosive chorus, showcasing Twin City‘s knack for crafting unforgettable hooks.

Discussing the essence of the track, the band shares their insight: Solid Gold is a no-nonsense rock n roll tune with a message of positivity and self belief. We all shine brighter when we’re free to be ourselves, so the song is about being who you are unapologetically and doing what you want with your life.”

Comprising Welsh brothers Louis (Vocals/Guitar) and Toby Ellis (Drums), along with Conor Feeney (Bass) and Pete Refson (Guitars), this quartet has been steadily establishing themselves as one of the UK’s most promising up-and-coming bands on the live music scene.

The band has already been able to sell out multiple headline shows and dazzle audiences as they opened for renowned acts like The Lathums and The Lightning Seeds.​ Notably, they wowed a capacity crowd of 1,000 at Bristol’s Trinity Centre and showcased their prowess at the Isle of Wight Festival 2023, cementing their status as a band to keep a close eye on.

Twin City‘s position as a rising force in rock ‘n’ roll is reaffirmed with Solid Gold.​