ZOE SALMONFORMER Blue Peter babe Zoe Salmon has revealed she’s a bit of a secret green goddess. The TV presenter says deep down she really wants to do her bit to save the planet.

She added: “I try to be really good. When I put my magazines in the recycling box I take out the staples, and I separate bottles and paper properly. I do have a bad habit, when I go shopping at Tesco or wherever, of forgetting to take bags with me.

“I don’t know my Carbon Footprint but then again does anyone really know their footprint? I think mine would be pretty small, as I don’t have a car and I’m really good at switching off lights.

“When I was growing up my parents always shut the doors to keep the heat in, and those are the habits I’ve learnt.

“I’d also really like solar panels. I live in the penthouse flat, so they would be perfect.”

Zoe will be in Belfast tomorrow along with singer Peter Corry, DJ and music producer Micky Modelle and Citybeat star Robin Elliott to launch the Unite Against Hate campaign.
By Tina Calder