GOD DAMN1Explosive West Midlands duo God Damn – Thom (guitar/vox), Ash (drums) – unleash some more of their “rock music for degenerates” via this hell of a track called ‘When The Wind Blows’, taken from their new album ‘Vultures’, out May 12 (May 11 internationally) via One Little Indian. Here’s the raw and perfect home-crafted video by Thom Edwards on GoPro camera.

Thom points out: “We’re a noisy band – we’re probably the loudest band in Britain right now. But you can’t have heaviness without the lighter touch. Dynamics are important.”

Here’s the darkly propulsive ‘Hours’, a tune about the Egyptian Sun god Horus (who has the body of a man, a birds head, with one eye the sun and the other the moon!)…In case you missed it check out their 2014’s ‘Heavy Money EP.