Try This Hair Pamper Session This Week

By Vanessa B

Is your hair starting to look a little dry and dull? Don’t fret. Now and again as life begins to pile upon us, it is natural to forget about things such as haircare and skincare. But every so often it is important to truly care for your hair, and today we have some important hair care tips for you to try. 

This pamper routine is ideal for the night before a big event or just for a lazy weekend and it will rejuvenate your hair and make it feel full, voluminous, and strong. 

Apply a hair oil 

Start off your pamper session by applying a hair oil from root to tip, and brush this in with a plastic comb. Hair oil comes in many forms and you can either opt for natural argan oil or find a mixture of oils that will hydrate and leave your hair feeling shiny and beautiful. Once you have applied your hair oil, massage your head for a few minutes in gentle circular motions, and then wrap your hair into a bun and clip it into place. You can also add some cling film over the hair at this point to help heat up your head and allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair. Leave for at least 1 hour if not overnight. 

Use a good shampoo 

Now it’s time to take your hair out of its bun and wash your hair to get rid of the excess oil and leave your hair light and fluffy. When choosing a shampoo it is important to stay away from harsh chemicals and sulfites, and choose a shampoo that works for your scalp – the shampoo from Joico is great! Apply the shampoo to your hands first, lather it up, and then wash. 

Wash twice 

Always wash your hair twice. The first time will get rid of the bulk of the dirt, and the second wash will likely lather up more and it will ensure that your hair is 100% clean. When washing your hair concentrate on the roots and allow the shampoo to run down to your ends on its own – believe it or not this is perfectly sufficient to wash your ends. 

Leave in your conditioner 

Once your hair is clean, it is time to apply your conditioner. When applying conditioner – only ever apply from the midsection to the end, never on the roots. Once you have applied the conditioner, clip your hair up and leave it in for 5 minutes. This is the ideal time to wash your body, face, and shave if you wish to. Once you have done this, rinse out the conditioner and you’re done! 

Apply serums and oils 

To towel-dried hair, it is now time to add a few products to the hair to keep it hydrated. A serum is ideal for wet hair, and once your hair is dry you can also apply a small amount of oil to the ends. This will leave you with silky, smooth, and happy hair this year. 


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