TROPIC Return With Captivating New Single DOWN

By Vasco Dega

Rising duo Tropic have made an impressive return with new single Down. Tropic, which is formed of electronic producer/DJ Phuse and R&B singer-songwriter Jo-B Sebastian, once again showcase the stunning lyricism and sensual vocals that have garnered support from industry tastemakers and helped them amass millions of streams across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more since their 2018 debut.

Blending R&B textures, electronic landscapes, pop hooks and funk rhythms courtesy of Phuse’s slick, luscious production and Jo-B’s poetic lyrics and irresistible melodies, Down looks set to be another hit to add to the duo’s striking collection. It follows previous 2020 releases Lights Out (Redux), Always Be My Baby, Secret and Paradise.

Speaking on Down, Tropic explained, “Down is a coming of age story, written from the perspective of someone forced to grow up too soon. The transition of summer to fall always leaves us with a lingering melancholy, and with Down we mirror the changing of seasons with a song that laments the memories and people we try so hard to leave behind but can’t seem to let go of.”

Down is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.