TROLN’s Ghost is an immersive track about facing your inner demons

It's got elements of 70s psychedelia, fused with modern dream-pop, underscored by a new wave beat.
28 August 2022

By Elle B

For most of us, there are some feelings that are just impossible to put into words, let alone into a whole song. Luckily, there are a few talented artists out there who can capture these feelings through music with ease. Danish band TROLN‘s newest track, Ghost, is an example of how great art can emerge from great pain.

Full of intrigue and allure, Ghost is a compelling, immersive track about facing your inner demons. It’s got elements of 70s psychedelia, fused with modern dream-pop, underscored by a new wave beat. TROLN’s dynamic sound is a credit to the band’s diversity in influences, coming together in a kind of melting pot of music. 

‘’Previously, all of TROLN’s members have been playing in various bands ranging from punk to flamenco, classical to electronic music,’’ lead singer Helene Navne tells us. ‘’This is where we blend all our musical forces in a style we call cinematic or cinematic slow.’’

Cinematic is an apt description of the kind of atmosphere these guys create with their sound. The track opens with the sound of rain and the crackle of thunder, creating a tangible sense of melancholy, which is then merged with the ethereal quality of Helene’s lilting vocals to create something truly captivating. 

At the heart of the song is a message of hope and optimism. The lyrics speak of searching for light in the darkness, ”allowing yourself to feel the sun on your face and believe in love and life,” Helene says. ‘’There is a lot of soul-searching on all the songs from the new album. On Ghost this is explicit – what are you going to do when faced with extreme hardship? Fight for love and life or risk becoming a ghost?’’

 With a solid new wave rock sound, and a reminder to always look for the light in the darkest of times, Ghost is certainly a haunting track that will stay with you – in a good way.