Review, Tric, Laverys Bunker, SO:NI Show, Thursday January 13

HMMMMMM it’s not often I’m speechless but tonight I am…..

Who would have thought that three of my regular menaces at Ma Nelsons every Friday night not only play in a band but play damn good?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys as they are still quite young, infact the lead singer Dale had his 21st birthday in the bar before Christmas.

Anyway, back to the music – for such a young band these guys are actually surprisingly tight, they look the part, act the part, play the part and sing the part.

Speaking of the singing – Dales vocals are direct from the 70s with a classic sound that I have yet to find someone in my circle of friends who doesn’t like it.

While these guys have a great modern edge and a fantastic fanbase they also wouldn’t have been out of place at a T-Rex gig as the supporting band with their sound.

All that’s left for me to say is watch this space because these boys are getting booked to a bigger stage and that bigger stage belongs to me at Ma Nelsons, their favourite rock club.
By Tina Calder