Lovely TV presenter Zoe Salmon sizzles in the latest edition of FHM Bionic magazine.
She said “I’ve never sunbathed topless on a beach and I never will because when I was five or six I burnt my nipples.”

She continued: ‘I’m a real foodaholic. That’s one of the things I love about presenting World’s Strongest Man.

‘I can eat what I want and still not feel greedy, because those guys eat loads more than me.’
Zoe revealed: ‘I’m still single. I’d love to be in a relationship, but I’m not negatively single. I don’t sit at home moping. ‘I just enjoy hanging out with friends and tell myself Mr Right will come along soon.’

The 30-year-old former Blue Peter girl, who fronts The World’s Strongest Man and dating show The Love Bus, revealed: ‘I’m doing an expose on the health food industry for BBC Three and am only allowed to eat meals that supermarkets brand healthy for a month. It’s been dreadful.’
She added: ‘I honestly can’t stress how bad it’s been. I’m ill, I’m lethargic, my friends reckon my body is depressed and after finding out what’s in these foods, I can understand why.’