In the film Christina Aguilera plays a small town girl hired as a waitress at The Burlesque Lounge, but judging from this just-released clip, her character Ali Rose picks up the art very quickly.
The singer performs one of eight singles from the soundtrack, I Am A Good Girl.

The scene begins with Ali Rose in her dressing room, discussing cutting her long hair off with friend and Burlesque Lounge employee Sean, played by Stanley Tucci.
It then jumps to her performing the song with a provocative dance number and wearing a racy sequined corset, frilly knickers and heels.

Twilight actor Cam Cigandet also features in the scene, playing a bartender.
The musical also stars Cher, who plays owner of the financially ruined bar and former dancer Tess.

She hires Ali, a small town girl from Iowa with a troubled past, as a waitress but soon spots her star potential.

Burlesque is released in the UK on December 17.