Trends: wild child Scout Willis wears sexy buttless chaps for StyleLikeU

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ 20-year-old university student/wild child Scout Willis poses on a motorcycle wearing a pair of sexy buttless chaps for StyleLikeU.

Scout Larue Willis from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Split fires, save matches, be comforted that all must change eventually.

Dizzy from the smoke of that morning’s first cigarette, I thought to myself, “The comfort we find in familiarity is just a synonym for the fear we have of change.”

“We are so comfortable in habits, so we simply inhabit the insecurities we are given by our parents, wear them in until they’ve got holes, patches, and stains, threadbare though they might be we still wear them. The difference,”…
Directed by Magdalena Wosinka
Starring Scout Willis
Creative Direction, Cinematography, Styling by Patrick Orcutt
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska
Text by Scout Willis