FatimaVal-7474Fatima Val Fall Winter 2013-14 presents a “warrior” woman who is strong, confident and independent yet willing to express her own charm and sensibility at the same time.

The touch of femininity is gained from the use of soft and precious yarns such as wool or cashmere or fabrics such as silk – fur blends in leather details on garments inspired by extremely modern lines volumes and cuts to resemble triangular shapes shifted by kaleidoscope. FatimaVal-7721The shell becomes the designer’s handmade garment made with fused and shaped carbon like modern art sculpture enveloping the body.FatimaVal-7715The colour palette combines opposite symbolism in a perfect equilibrium – the power of military green alongside the most feminine must colour, dove-grey close to black……in a kaleidoscope of melting colours.FatimaVal-7683Fatima ValFatima ValFatimaVal-7398