If you’re leaving home this Autumn for your first taste of university or college life, bag yourself a great start to student life by getting your hands on a UnisakSaving you the bother of trudging round endless shops to pick up all the essentials that you need, this bag is top of the class, stuffed full of all the necessities you needed to kit you out and kick start your stay at university!

The Unisak includes practically everything but the kitchen sink, over 80 essential items for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and study and even packs the things you’d forget such as a potato peeler or alarm clock to help get you up for that 9am lecture!

Whether you’re moving into Halls of Residence or your own accommodation, the Unisak saves you days of time and lots of money (20% cheaper than your leading supermarket), with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at just £149.99 for everything.

You can even get it ordered to arrive at your new residence so all you have to pack is yourself rather than tedious shopping trips up and down aisles in the supermarkets or Ikea! Which leaves you just one thing left to think about, partying your way through Fresher’s Week!

From kitchen utensils such as frying pans, pizza cutters and shot glasses, through to stationary items, duvets, pillows, sheets, coat hangers, extension lead and bathroom essentials, the Unisak helps to ease the transition from life at home to living on your own and is a great way to get packed off in style with everything you need.

Packed, sent and delivered directly to student accommodation, all the required essentials for this exciting mile stone is simply a click away at unisak.com or calling 0844 879 4820.