Tatjana Anika SS12 campaign features Eugenia Silva, the beautiful Spanish model who was first spotted by top photographer Steven Meisel and whose previous work includes catwalk shows for Prada, Versace and Celine to name a few.

Spring Summer 2012: The spring summer collection from Tatjana Anika combines the brand’s philosophy of beauty in simplicity with inspiration from Maasai tribal style. The vivid primary colours seen in Maasai beadwork – blue, red and yellow – combine with black to make this season’s strong and simple colour palette really stand out.The three prints also take inspiration from this colourful African tribe. ‘Maasai Stripe’ is Tatjana Anika’s interpretation of the striped Maasai textiles: ‘African Daisy’ uses the petals of this native flower to creative a beautiful graphic print and finally, ‘Daisy Stripe’ combines the two.Both in the solid colours and the prints, the energy, vivacity and warmth of the Maasai are brought together in a contemporary way, perfect for modern beach dressing. The Maasai tribe, whose jewellery and vivid dress have inspired Tatjana Anika’s new collection, are the most well-known tribe of North East Africa. Maasai women are very important in their culture and adorn themselves in brightly coloured clothing and plenty of elaborate beaded jewellery.Produced in Italy and using only the finest fabrics, every item is seamless and designed to flatter the figure, drawing inspiration from the lines and contoutrs of a woman’s body. tatjana-anika.com