TRENDS: Slogan & Motif T-Shirts

The humble T-Shirt has come a long way in recent years with the revival of the slogan T-Shirt last year and the arrival of the motif T-Shirt more recently.

When I say arrival I don’t mean this is a new concept, it certainly isn’t. However, shops across the High Street have come to realise that a very easy and simple way for their customers to have a new look or style with very little effort is to be able to buy a new printed tee.

TK Maxx Sport Relief T-shirt (Kelly brook) £14.99

With motif and slogan T-Shirts ranging from as little as £3 in shops like NV to £20-25 in Top Shop and French Connection it’s easy to see why they are flying off the shelves.

Celebrity culture really kicked this trend off when they started to wear T-Shirts to convey every emotion they were going through.
When wearing a motif or slogan T-Shirt you are certainly making a statement. The colour, design and writing can all say something different about you.

From retro band prints and pictures of Marilyn and Elvis to simple girly pictures of cute animals and cartoon characters there is sure to be something for everyone in this trend.

Of course the biggest T-Shirt trend at the moment is the rock chick look, from abstract graffiti patterns to AC/DC and Motorhead prints, it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit your teenage rebellion days through fashion.

By Gemma Garrett
additional reporting and research by ©FAME Inc.
As seen in Sunday Life, Northern Ireland. Style By Gemma, by Gemma Garrett every Sunday.