As with all trends, the major appeal of plastic surgery, particularly within the celebrity sphere, is the possibility of self-reinvention.

The idea that you could look one way on Monday and another by the end of the week opens up a whole world of genetics-defying opportunities.

Looking fab: BRIDESMAIDS
The downsides are, however, numerous. There is the possibility that the transformation might not live up to your expectations leaving you disappointed and out of pocket.

Then there is the fact that any major medical procedure comes with its own set of risks. And last but not least, if you ever decide that you’d quite like to go back to the way that you were in the first place, you’ve got another expensive and tiring procedure ahead of you.

If you like the idea of being able to change the way you look but you are unwilling to undergo the expense and dangers of a large operation, there are a range of smaller transformative effects you could investigate. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites:

1.Contact lenses are a fab way to change the look of your eyes in one simple step. Sites such as now offer a range of contact lenses designed not for those who require help with their eyesight but rather for those with a healthy interest in fashion.

Plenty of celebrities have been playing the chameleon game with their eyesight for years having decided that blue, rather than brown, was their preferred shade after all. We all do it with our hair colour, why not our eye colour too?

2. Hair extensions are another great way to experiment with a brand new look. If you’ve always wanted cute curls instead of poker straight locks then why not ask your hairdresser what semi-permanent options are available to you? Change colour, style, length, thickness and waviness to your heart’s content.

3. Still can’t quite fit into that little black dress? Never fear, there are a host of body sculpting tools at your disposal. From Spanx underwear that can lift, tone and tuck as well as any expert surgery job through to push up bras and other cleavage enhancing tools, you can always re-sculpt your physique without going under the knife.