One of the latest glasses trends for women is a return to retro styles. We take a look at the range of retro frames available at

Tortoiseshell is very in right now and the selection of these styled frames come in a variety of colours; a Green Tortoiseshell frame from designer Derek Cardigan being a particular favourite of mine!

But if that is not to your taste then Michelle Lane also offer their own unique take on the retro style with their Damask range, also available in a choice of colour.

The glasses in this range are both original and individual in the way that they look and are very likely to turn heads, which is made even better when you consider their reasonable price!

One of the most stylish up and coming brands though has to be Love.

They have lots of different frames for you to pick from at a very low cost enabling you to change your eyewear along with your mood, should you so desire.

With names like Cotton Candy and Crystal Shadow, their frames are instantly recognisable with a style that is totally fresh and original.

Many of the colours their frames come in too are bright, exuberant and exciting giving them a very Eighties’ look that is both classic and timeless. From Peach Fade to Plum, Passion Fruit to Raspberry, each of their coloured frames has a style totally unique to Love that gives them instant appeal!

For something more subtle and slightly more under-stated however, designer Paul Frank supply a completely different take on the Retro style.

Their collection of Matte Black and Burnt Umber frames offer a completely alternative look to those already mentioned but still at an affordable price range that make their glasses as desirable as they are highly sought after.

That is not to say that all of the glasses in their range come in black or burnt browns though, Paul Frank also supply a splash of colour with their Tried And True Grey Pink Pearl and Paper Planes Burgundy Pink frames which offer the same unique Retro style but with just a hint of colour.

These are just some of the ranges and designs available and my pick of some of my favourites. For more Retro styled frames, there are plenty more classic glasses to choose from at