1377379_626692420686045_1956143471_nAs cosmetic surgery becomes more socially acceptable, it’s no surprise that more and more cosmetic surgeons have seen a dramatic increase in the number of male patients they have.

A procedure that has seen an enormous male increase in recent months is liposuction, an enhancement that has always been seen as a popular female surgery, until now.
It’s refreshing to see how many men are becoming comfortable with wanting to feel and look just as good as their partners, friends, and colleagues.

Feeling amazing and happy in your own skin is something that is universal for both men and woman.

The male liposuction market is emerging at a rapid rate, and is revealing other surprising trends along with it, such as couple surgery which has become a fashionable option in Singapore.

What does liposuction actually involve?

At MYA.co.uk there are two types of liposuction you can opt for, the first one is probably the type you have heard more about.

Under aesthetic, a small incision is made, followed by inserting a tiny cannula to loosen the unwanted fat, and then a vacuum pump drains it away.

The second option, which is one of the most popular forms of liposuction, is Vaser lipo – this uses ultrasonic waves to break up the unwanted fat, and is gentle to even the most delicate areas of the body.

Due to the differences in technique, the time liposuction can take ranges from as little as 30 minutes to two hours, which is impressive when you consider how much of a life changing experience the procedure is.

Many people benefit from this type of cosmetic surgery if they’re struggling with obtaining the physique they’ve always wanted. Exercise and healthy eating, although extremely important, sometimes doesn’t help everyone to achieve that dream body they have in mind.

Sometimes there are certain areas of fat that are too stubborn, such as the lower abdomen, that will only truly be sculpted and toned with the help of surgery.

There are some wonderful patient stories out there that really capture just how dramatic the change in confidence and lifestyle can be for the men and women who have liposuction:

If you’re unsure about whether liposuction is for you, MYA’s specialists are very friendly and can help you make the right decision for you and your body. Simply call them on 08000141014, or live chat with them on their website.