RAYMOND WEIL is one of the first luxury watch brands to have embarked on an innovative journey where the consumer moves from a passive to an active role in the Brand’s campaign.
Rather than just being at the receiving end of brand messages,consumers are increasingly becoming the focal point where everything starts – from the onset of understanding a brand to creating with them.

Launching RAYMOND WEIL By You signified the first time that a brand as prestigious as RAYMOND WEIL engaged and involved its stakeholders – customers, employees, and fans – in such a campaign to understand their perception of the Brand and define together the future of RAYMOND WEIL.
The conversation was run on and the main ideas led to the second step of the contest – “RAYMOND WEIL is much more than just a watch, it is a companion through different stages of life”.

In “My Watch My Destiny”, RAYMOND WEIL traces the journey of two souls, whose destinies are intertwined by time.