VO5Extreme Style: Start your style in the shower and If you want to know what hairstyle to try to get that hot girl or how to style your ‘do on a night out’, Luke the rebel-headed upstart and banished villager gives some words of wisdom: “First date with female who is not related and first time at discotheque”

On his village Luke says: “Pliktisijiteur is a wonderful village situated in Carpathian Mountains. Here they enjoy the quiet life, using the old farming techniques of our ancestors. We enjoy very much, working outdoors and sharpening tools. But now we are delving into foreign technologies on internet.Pliktisijiteur v05-pageantTradition is what keeps us alive. That is why you find us always in our same traditional hair and clothes. As we always say in our village – “the same is better”.

We are mostly famous in our area for our delicious hand churned butter, of which we are very proud. Maybe you will buy some from us?!”