44-year-old Pamela Anderson looks amazing for Secrets In Lace, wearing her Couture Collection of nylon stockings and Christian Louboutin shoes.She said: ‘I haven’t done Botox. I don’t like all that facial stuff. ‘It scares me. You see these people who have had it, and they all look the same.‘I think I should just age. ‘I’ve never been the prettiest person, and I don’t feel I need to chase youth.’Pamela Anderson is a true stocking lover because she knows how a great pair of stockings brings out every woman’s femininity.

That is why Pamela and Secrets In Lace have teamed to create a truly Couture Collection of authentic nylon stockings. The Pamela Anderson Nylon Stocking Collection is a unique grouping of Romantic, 100% Nylon Stockings manufactured on the same machinery, with the same techniques as were used in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Pamela worked closely with U.S label Secrets in Lace to create the welt imprint and stocking colors.

Pamela is not the only celebrity to collaborate with Secrets in Lace as Dita Von Teese also designed a collection of stockings.

Unlike lingerie that’s strictly for fantasy, the Salons at Secrets In Lace have Faux Vintage Lingerie that captures a feminine, classic look and can also be worn all day by women who like to feel beautiful under their clothes. secretsinlace.com