Trends: Olivia Munn sizzles in FHM

Wow! Check Olivia Munn on the cover of January FHM. She is next level sexy.Sultry Olivia told FHM magazine:’When it comes to sex, I think anyone’s an idiot to say they’re an expert on it. I mean, I have sex, but it’s individual for each person,’ Olivia divulged.

‘You know, like, guys always have that one f***ing ‘move’, some stupid sh*t, like putting his thumb in your mouth. And it’s just like, “What are you doing? Who told you this was hot?’

‘I’d love to date a comedian,’ added the star.And this is Why we love her…

She’s a video game nerd, the queen of Comic Con, and will whip your sorry ass on Call of Duty. She’s also incredibly funny, and incredibly sexy. Is she the perfect woman?

Olivia spent most of her time growing up in Tokyo, because her stepfather was assigned there by the military.

Her favourite game is Metal Gear Solid 4.

Olivia regularly hosts Comic Con while not enjoying her favourite hobby of surfing.

The genes that make her so hot are a mix of half-Caucasian and half-Chinese. Noted.
Read the full interview in FHM January issue