Watch Full-Figured Fashion Week by VICE’s Fashion Week Internationale.

Fashion presenter Charlet Duboc crashes Full-Figured Fashion Week in New York, where the women throw aside their stretchy moo-moo dresses designed to hide their lady lumps, and don the brightest, tightest, and best in haute couture XXL and extra, extra fabulous.
The exuberant ladies embrace their size, talking about being proud of their curves without the typical “fat-girl movement” jargon, and bask in their extra-large, sparkling glory, as they booze and cruise and shake their tail feathers in celebration of Full-Figured Fashion Week.

Long gone are the days where the fuller figured woman is restricted to nylon stretch-pants from the back of Walmart.

As exclaimed by the lovely Charlet Duboc, host of the fashion series: “Since eve bit the apple, everyone has to get dressed in the morning, no matter where you’re from. Each episode is a thirty minute foray into things often denied to us in the news.

The fashion weeks we cover act as a vehicle for a broader story about these communities, painting an unseen picture of what’s really happening around the world.

The women of Full-Figured Fashion Week believe it’s high time the industry adapts to accommodate them. They want to pave the way for the next generation of larger girls to have an easier ride than they did.”