TRENDS: Military, Circus & Carnival

LAST year everyone from Britney Spears and Take That to Pink were jumping on the bandwagon of the circus and carnival theme.

And this year is no different, it’s a trend that’s set to carry through in 2010 injecting colour, fun and vibrancy into any outfit.

Primark Sequin military jacket (£21)

Identified by it’s striking colours, stripes, polka dots, bows, feathers and of course the military style ring master inspired jackets, this trend may at first seem like one for the adventurous but if worn right can simply add a little life to bland office or evening wear.

Cheryl Cole helped to keep this fashion on trend by opting for circus/military style jackets and trousers for her solo debut.

While I believe this trend will be short lived in 2010 I think it’s cute, bold and fun and if you’re feeling the pinch this year in your fashion budget steer clear of the bright colours and go for the neutral tones which you should be able to get longer wear from.

I recently spotted a beautiful navy and white piped jacket with gold buttons at Vanilla in Lisburn so do shop around in the boutiques too to get something unique.
And once you have your fabulous outfit I say unleash your ringmaster and let the show begin !

By Gemma Garrett
additional reporting and research by ©FAME Inc.
As seen in Sunday Life, Northern Ireland. Style By Gemma, by Gemma Garrett every Sunday.