August edition of Elle magazine features the sultry Mila Kunis, photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Alexa Chung-favourite Leith Clark. Mila (almost) fooled the interviewer Avril Mair in to believing she’s ‘not good at sexy’. The childstar and lead in forthcoming Ted with Mark Wahlberg lifts the lid on those rumours about Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake and bemoans the price of the Olsens’ super-luxe line The Row. Really, she’s just like us.

The 28-year-old beauty says: “Is a guy going to come up to me and ask if he can take me out on a date? Where can I go and have this date? I can’t go anywhere!

My house, his house…So what do you do?

‘I’m trying to be like a normal girl and a single girl… but the concept of being single and in my position is just not workable.

I couldn’t even go on a date if I wanted to!”

She added: ‘Being settled so young really helped. You know, I wouldn’t take back anything in my life, not one thing. I think it all shaped me to be who I am today.

‘There are things that people know about and there are things the press doesn’t know about and everything that did occur 100 per cent shaped who I am.

My ex-boyfriend, my family, my friends, everybody.’
Read the full interview in the August edition on Elle magazine, out on NOW.