She’s done it again! Pop icon Madonna goes wild in her new video for the summery feel-good anthem ‘Turn Up the Radio’, taken from her album MDNA.
Shot on the streets of Florence, Italy, through an Instagram-type filter, a scantily clad in heels and hotpants‎, Madonna drives through the streets, followed by paparazzi, fans and locals. She embarks on a road trip through the countryside, to escape the paparazzi and fans, picking up locals, ranging from hookah-smoking gypsies to hitchhikers, gas station attendants, two prostitutes and her toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, all along the way. Look closely and you might notice that one of those hitchhikers is her real-life boy toy, Brahim Zaibat.As the video closes out, a tired-out Madonna lies down in the backseat of her vintage convertible.

A voiceover leaves the viewer with this message, “La festa e’ finita adesso, mettiti la cintura di sicurezza stronzetta!”