It’s no great secret that the humble leather jacket has become a wide-spread wardrobe staple over the last few winters, however, leather isn’t just for bikers and rock stars anymore.
Pamela Anderson-Barb Wire1
Women’s leather clothing is being taken to a whole new level in 2010 and it can take the form of pretty much any item of clothing.
If you can name it the odds are that someone is planning to send it down the runway in leather.

Trousers, leggings, skirts, shorts, coats, capes, vests; they’re all there. Hermes even pulled out a full leather jumpsuit as part of their aviation-themed collection.

The best items I’ve seen are cotton or nylon tops with added leather to give the leather feel without committing yourself to a full leather item.
So if you aren’t brave enough to go full leather item think of edgy accessories that can change the look dramatically.

I’ve seen some nice leather dresses and shorts although I feel I should opt out as I have blonde hair and big boobs and fear looking like Pamela Anderson in the film Barb Wire.

By Gemma Garrett
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