M&S joined forces with Joanna Lumley to launch Shwopping: a new initiative that will revolutionise clothes shopping and help consumers to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Next time you pop in store to buy something new, drop an old item of clothing (even if it’s not from M&S) into one of their Shwop Drops.

Then M&S will work with Oxfam to resell, reuse and recycle it and help support people living in poverty.

Joanna Lumley said: “I’m really excited to be working with M&S and have long admired Plan A.

Their latest initiative, Shwopping, is all about getting customers to recycle unwanted clothes every time they shop at M&S. It’s a big, bold campaign and a first for the high street.

“We’re asking people to open their hearts, their minds and their wardrobes. Remember we used to just throw away plastic bottles.

Now we recycle them without even thinking about it. We need to do the same with clothing. Bring in something old; buy something new. Swap and shop. It’s that simple.”