Vintage style has been around for a while. For the fashion followers, it slipped off the radar for a few seasons, as designers favoured sporty styles and futuristic designs. But it’s back, and this time it’s not just in the form of floral, ditzy print 1950’s style dresses.
It’s in everything, from the clothes and the shoes to the hobbies (burlesque dancing), right down to our underwear!

As ever, the figures speak the truth. Hold Ups were a creation of Pretty Polly, many years back. The gel strips attached around the top of stockings were designed for convenience, to ‘hold up’ the stocking and eliminate the need for a suspender belt.

Since then, hold ups have outsold stockings. Until now. Sales of Aristoc Ultra Shine Hold Ups are down 69.48%. For the same period, Aristoc Ultra Shine Stockings are up a huge 71.88%.
Intrigued by these statistics, Pretty Polly dug deeper, and ran a survey. The results supported the sales statistics Рnot only do 68% of women prefer stockings over hold ups, but 69% of our partners do too!

This is probably the reason behind 44% of us wearing stockings most often in the bedroom.

So there are no prizes for guessing what the most popular selling hosiery will be this Valentines day!