EXPOSED1You know the feeling when you see someone wearing the same shirt or sweater as you? Well…create your very own custom T-Shirts/ or sweater straight from your phone using this clever App called EXPOSED and you can say: “yea, I made this”.EXPOSED2
Basically EXPOSED App enables you to upload your very own Instagram pictures which can then be printed on a T-shirt, hoodie or vest.
EXPOSED App creator Andrew Scrymgeour explains:

“I work in Advertising and after years of giving my clients great ideas for their business I figured it was time to keep one or two for myself.

I turned 30 last year and decided it was time to bring one of my ideas to life, and now 8 months on it is done (sort of). There is plenty more to come but the initial idea is as it was back in June.

I got the initial idea after getting an All Saints TShirt for my birthday and decided there must be a better way of making something just as good (if not better) for less money.

A week later I saw someone else with the same shirt, and hated the fact someone else had it, so went about trying to make something worth while.

I’ve got lots of dreams, but for EXPOSED i just want to inspire people to think differently about fashion and feel proud to wear individual clothes.

In short, if someone likes one of my shirts and you can say, “yea, I made this” I’m happy.

Plus we are 100% carbon neutral and only use environmentally friendly organic clothing. The TShirts are partly made of bamboo so are softer and harder wearing than traditional cotton.”EXPOSED7

EXPOSED on iTunes
EXPOSED on Google play for Android

Images by Plumpton Mornings