MOST weeks this column features generic high street trends and styles aimed primarily at adults.

However, this week I am looking at the emo or teen rock look. With so many small boutiques all over Northern Ireland selling this kind of fashion it’s a great way to support local business.

Paramore - Hayley Williams

More often than not there is a very fine line between emo and teen rock looks with many young people choosing to mix high street items with specialist clothing from stores such as Grotten Emporium in Belfast’s Smithfield Market.

So if you’re looking for new style this summer here’s how to get this look perfected. Just remember though, this trend and style is directly linked to music taste and lifestyle. If you aren’t into the music it’s probably not such a good idea to pretend you are.

One of key pieces any teen rocker / emo has in their wardrobe is some skinny jeans. The great thing about these is they can be teamed with great belts, shoes and runners or even topped off with a funky skirt on top.

A must have is a black pair but don’t be afraid to try bright colours such as red or blue.

Tight T-Shirts with names of rock bands are great for completing this look. However, there are many great t-shirts on the high street with skulls, random cartoons and other designs are also perfect.

Shops such as NV, New Look, Primark and even Tesco are great for finding these. If you want to look a little different try customising them yourself.

Emo Model

A dark coloured zip-hoodie is a classic must have. Like the t-shirts, the emo hoodies these can be plain or covered in funky designs like this one from Grotten Emporium.

Recently I checked out the fashion at the under 18s rock club night Alive at The Venue nightclub in Belfast which runs every Friday night from 6.30-9.30pm.

Here’s what I spotted on the teens:
– Studded belts and large belt buckles. Many people were wearing two belts.
– Canvas sneakers or skate shoes. Shoes seemed to be Converse, Vans or other similar brands.
– Backpacks or messenger bags covered with badges from different bands or other slogans.
– Fingerless gloves
– Odd-coloured stripy socks on girls
– Various multicoloured hair clips on girls and even guys
– Studded bags or canvas bags covered in badges and other colourful designs
By Gemma Garrett
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