American designer Winifred Adams has hand-crafted a unique collection of stunning jewellery, Designs by Winifred that effortlessly marries the beauty of precious and semi-precious stones with the timeless elegance of sterling silver and gold.

With a impressive background in the study of Energetics and how nature’s forces can harnessed to benefit the mind, body and soul, Winifred has created a bespoke and exclusive jewellery range that everyone can wear and enjoy.
Winifred’s Beauty and Balance jewellery range utilises Tourmaline as its focal stone to transmute any negativity and fears the wearer may be carrying while simultaneously creating a softer, more loving energy and aura.

The range boasts glamorous thread through earrings, sophisticated tourmaline studs and stunning six drop gold thread through earrings with an exquisite mixture of tourmaline stones which truly have to be seen at first hand to be fully appreciated.
Winifred says: “Crystals and stones of all colors are so beautiful, I just marvel at them–their shapes, their inclusions, their clarity, their energy–these things have always drawn me.

I love that something so beautiful and powerful is produced naturally in the Earth.

When I look at them or hold lots of stones in my hand, I feel them, I sense their properties and it affects me in a profoundly satisfying way.”
Winfred will be launching the collection in the UK soon.