TRENDS: Country Cowboy Chic & Check

CHECK is a weird trend to get right, for some people it never goes out of fashion because it suits their personality. Celebrities such as Sheryl Crowe can pull off the American cowboy check look during any fashion season.

Last year darker check colours were on the high streets and this year is no different except there has been an explosion of colour added such as lime greens and fuschia pinks.

Debenhams.John Rocha Check Tunic Two in One (£55)

There are two ways to successful wear this look, one is to go down the sexy cowgirl route matching with suede, fur, leather boots and denim with sexy natural curls. Or you can go for a cute check dress with a big belt and some nice pumps.

The other way to wear check is as office wear, be careful not to wear too much of it though because it can be overbearing and hard on the eyes, afterall you don’t want to blind your clients.

With so many shapes, styles and colours in the check look it’s important to try on lots of different types of this look before you buy.

My top tip this week is never shop for check alone unless you already know what works on your body shape….make sure you are armed with someone who will be brutally honest because when this look is done well it can epitomise sexy, country chic but when done badly you can appear dated and old-fashioned.

By Gemma Garrett
additional reporting and research by ©FAME Inc.
As seen in Sunday Life, Northern Ireland. Style By Gemma, by Gemma Garrett every Sunday.