Already feeling the cold snap, we’re looking ahead to autumn and winter, and thinking about that statement coat we need to add to our wardrobes.

Essential for the winter months, there are plenty of new season trends to choose from this year. Not all of these coat trends will suit every body however.

Knowing your body type, as well as which shapes and styles flatter your shape is a great way to cut down on shopping time, and ensure that your coat for winter has you feeling fab as well as wonderfully warm.

Use our guide to figure out which body type you are, then follow our tips to find the perfect coat to see you through the chilly months ahead.

Pear shapes
This is the most common body types for women. Just like the pear, it means that the bottom half of your body is bigger than the top.

With slender shoulders and a smaller bust, but with larger hips and thighs, the key to choosing the right coat for you is to balance out your shape to create even proportions.

Look for winter coats that feature added detailing to the shoulder or collar, like this gorgeous Ribbon contrast collar coat at Bank.

Detailing like this, as well as coats that are wider at the shoulder, helps to balance out the top half of your body against the wider hips and thighs, making you look more proportioned.

Double-breasted coats nipped in at the waist also accentuate the shoulder area, while skimming over the hips, so they’re an excellent option for pear shapes too.

Apple and strawberry shapes
Both of these body shapes are bigger on top than they are below.

With shoulders broader than your hips, and a large bust, the trick is to work in the opposite way to the pear shape.

To balance out your broader top half, you want to look for coats that draw the eye downwards, away from the shoulder.

Avoid double-breasted styles that will make your upper half appear bigger, and stick to single-breasted styles than will slim and lengthen the torso, drawing the eye down.

A coat with a swing and A-line styles also help to balance out your lower body against your shoulders.

Sixties-style swing coats are perfect, as are coats and jackets that feature detailing along the bottom hem, whether it’s a bold pattern or faux fur trim.

Rectangle shapes
If your body is in proportion, but you lack curvy hips and a bust, you’re a rectangle shape.

The trick here is to look for coats that will create the illusion of curved, accentuating the hips and drawing in at the waist.

Double-breasted styles will instantly add volume up top, creating a bustier shape.

Look out for coats that feature detailing on the hips, such as large pockets and embroidery, all of which will help to emphasise the hips and create curves.

Coats with a swing, like the princess coat style, and A-line cuts all create the illusion of curves, and look great cinched in at the waist with a belt to show off that waist.