Britney Spears music video for her new song “Hold It Against Me” has something for everyone.
Britney dances in a huge wedding dress, then fist fights herself, but the real stars are the product placements: her own perfume line, dating site, Sony electronics and perhaps more.

She Tweeted: ‘Without further adieu, I present my video for Hold It Against Me, directed by the wonderful Jonas Akerlund… Hope you guys love it as much as I do. If you didn’t I’ll kung fu kick you like I did to that chick in the video.’
Her manager Larry Rudolph said:
‘There are really two different Britneys. There’s a public Britney and there’s a private Britney, and they’re very different,’ he told MTV.

‘Maybe the world doesn’t really know that, maybe those of us who do know her really well understand that, but there really are two different Britneys.
‘Maybe at some times the two Britneys are at odds with each other; most of the time they’re not.’

‘I think it’s also about Britney just being strong and still on top after all these years. But there’s a few different ways to look at it.’