Are they barking mad or adoring owners? Welcome to the wonderful world of A Different Breed!
You thought Louie Spence was the biggest personality we had on Sky 1 HD! Well get ready for a different breed of celebrity.

From the makers of Pineapple Dance Studios comes a hilarious and heart-warming dog-umentary, taking a peek into the lives of dog owners who dedicate their lives to their pooches.

Get ready for pamper parlours, doggie weddings, doggie dancing and skateboarding dogs!?
Oh but there’s more, if the owners themselves weren’t personalities enough, their doggie compadres certainly are.

Watch as the dogs give their own take on the crazy situations they find themselves in, that’s right they talk!

Tune in on the 6th for eccentricity like never before and don’t forget the dog modelling competition the Sky 1 A Different Breed Facebook Page.!/adifferentbreedsky1