Trench Coast: Exploring the ethereal essence of ‘Drinks’

The album is imbued with nostalgic, cinematic soundtracks that are edgy, IDM, and distinctly European in flavor.
2 February 2024

In the sprawling landscape of contemporary music, where genres blend and boundaries blur, emerges Drinks, the debut album from the enigmatic project Trench Coast.

Formerly one half of the synth-wave duo Trains on Fire, which saw its final album release in April 2023, Trench Coast continues to evolve, marking a new chapter with Drinks, out now via plusplus. This album invites listeners on a sonic journey through spheric synths, abstract electronica, and dreamy guitar lines from Mustangs and Telecasters, accompanied by selective vocal touches.

Spanning nine tracks created over three years, Drinks is a testament to Trench Coast’s exploration of sound. Highlights include the smooth, hypnotic Dau Sarriv, the lively Boris Bay, and the title track Drinks, which offers a cinematic and intensely dark electro ambiance. The album concludes on a high note with None of Your Theories Work, a track drenched in lush Shoegaze vibes, encapsulating the essence and vibe of Trench Coast’s musical journey.

Launched into the musical cosmos at the outset of 2023, Trench Coast is the brainchild of a Berlin-based artist whose debut single Television set the tone for a sound that oscillates between the shadowy realms of electronics and the nuanced textures of indietronica, wave, and ambient.

Following the single’s release, Trench Coast offered a fresh take on the Qrauer track Cool Edit through a remix featured on the Heeded Fazes remix album by Nonostar Records. Staying true to its unique artistic vision, Trench Coast veered away from conventional paths, focusing solely on original material to craft an audibly intricate experience that can only be described as oddly mesmerizing.

Drinks ​i​s a collection of multi-sound experiences that transcend traditional genre definitions. From experimental electronic to ambient, art pop, dream pop in various shades, alt rock, and leftfield electronic with male vocals, the album is imbued with nostalgic, cinematic soundtracks that are edgy, IDM, and distinctly European in flavor.

Trench Coast’s debut is a compelling narrative of sound that promises to be both a critical and a listener’s delight, offering a unique blend of electronic pop and dreamy mellow vibes that are as innovative as they are captivating.