mytravelshow1New online entertainment programme ‘My Travel Show’ is looking for ‘Travel Warriors’ to participate and advise the star of the show where to visit and what to see. A slightly disturbing woman, Doreen George has arrived from somewhere in North America and is on a quest to have the whole planet involved in her travel show.

mytravelshow2“I have a show. It’s called ‘My Travel Show’. I just released my first episodes on my website and the whole world has seen it”, says Doreen. “We already have over 2000 Travel Warriors watching from all over the world. But it would be cool to have some more.”

The show is broadcast every Monday on the internet site
Doreen’s blog is updated throughout the week, and various activities such as badge making from yoghurt pots will be released in the ‘Something for the Weekend’ area later on. Potential Travel Warriors who wish to help Doreen and advise her on where to visit can write to Doreen through the site.