Trav Torch releases silky nine-track album ‘100% Torch’

“Girl if you put your trust in me I can show you,/ That I’m not playing no games"
26 January 2024

Hailing from New Jersey, Torch has been refining his musical craft since he was thirteen. Starting as a rapper, his roots remain entrenched in 90’s R&B, but he transitioned to singing in his twenties, focusing on stories of sexuality and breaking taboos. A true multi-talented artist, he writes, composes, records, and mixes his music in his home studio. With his own record label, Cologne & Cognac Entertainment, Torch maintains complete creative control. The label secured a distribution deal with Vydia in 2021.

R&B sensation Trav Torch is back, announcing the release of his new album, 100% Torch. This lush nine-song collection highlights Torch’s acclaimed songwriting talent, smooth vocals, and hip-hop roots.​ With a style that melds the innovative with the sensual, Torch’s music integrates strings with contemporary drum beats, drawing comparisons to Trey Songz, Brent Faiyaz, Mario, Neyo, and August Alsina.

A highlight of the album is I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight (feat. Bizzy Bone), a track that reverberates with harmonies reminiscent of classic R&B, unfolding into a richly layered chorus. The song narrates the complexities of a rocky relationship, with lyrics that are as earnest as they are compelling. “Girl if you put your trust in me I can show you,/ That I’m not playing no games,/ But if you keep behaving destructively,/ I don’t see how things can change,”

Another standout, Can I Have You Tonight, offers a smoother experience, combining catchy choruses with seductive vocals. Produced by Tony Sway, known for his work with Tyga and Krayzie Bone, this track is the epitome of mood-setting music, ideal for romantic evenings or late-night drives.

Torch’s discography includes his debut album Bachelor Life, which delves into the life of the modern single man, accompanied by visuals for five key tracks. His follow-up LP Bachelor Life 2 continued this narrative, complemented by visuals for select singles. His EP The Bedroom Soundtrack gained traction on TikTok and YouTube, particularly the music video for Do It Again. His release Show Me What You Got (Acts I & II) pays tribute to 90s R&B, offering both single and remix in one package. He also shares insights into the music industry on his podcast The Trav Torch Show.”

Torch’s music appeals to R&B enthusiasts and goes beyond genre limits, positioning him as a standout artist in the music industry.