Transformative Biotechnology Investors, You Should Look Out For In 2021

By Vanessa B

Biotechnology has played an instrumental role in society for a few years now, combatting deadly diseases, improving the environment, and performing a host of other incredibly useful measures.

However, it’s also fair to say that many of these innovations would never have seen the light of day without investor input. They’re the ones who funded many of these projects and got the ball rolling, making sure that biotech achieves remarkable feats and remains an innovative powerhouse.  

That said, there is still plenty of room for further funding. Therefore, here are the top 3 biotechnology investors, and funds, that continue to change the game in 2021.  

Kohli Ventures

Investors are all about doubling down on growth opportunities, and our first listing understands that notion very well indeed. 

The investment vehicle of technologist Tej Kohli, the aptly named Kohli Ventures concentrate their efforts in the ever-expanding world of artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology. For the latter area, they refine their focus further, homing in on things like regenerative medicine, bio synthetics, fluid replacements, and diagnostics. They’re funding the developments of it all and pay close attention to all the details and sub-tiers of their investment strategies.  

It’s also worth mentioning that much risk is at play here, yet Kohli Ventures stand firm against it all. The backing of biotech ventures is a huge undertaking that requires a great deal of foresight and resources to create the largest waves of change possible. Fortunately, through their craft and cunning, this investor seems to expertly have it all under control, setting a fine example for those following in their footsteps.  


The slogan for Archangels is ‘investing in innovation’, and it really does tie up all their ambitious objectives in one neat little bow. 

Archangels aim to invest in promising, early-stage Scottish technology and life science companies, and biotechnology of course falls into that. Their investments largely push forward truly revolutionary moments in biotech, such as ground-breaking hearing technologies that were only made possible with their funding initiatives.  

Archangels have gone from strength to strength since their original formation in 1992, building on their success year after year with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the end, as they’ve been picking up steam and gathering momentum, it’s converging on what is sure to be an action-packed 2021.  

Cambridge Angels

Amongst a plethora of other things, Cambridge Angels is a fund that has biotech in mind, investing between £50k and £1m in the best entrepreneurial ideas in the sector. 

The great thing about their fund is that they want solutions that address major problems in larger markets, covering as much ground with their resources as possible. Their members are mostly made up of prolific entrepreneurs also, which means they are no strangers in identifying promising causes across a wide range of investment opportunities.

Scaling-up businesses that focus on supporting healthcare with technology is also their forte. It would be hard to imagine such a promising fund disappearing during 2021, especially as they continue to keep tabs on the industry and the need for them grows. There’s a lot to be excited about here, and much of it should come to fruition this year and beyond.