Tragicomics show off versatility with ‘Stranger Things’

"It's a song about paralysis. Paralysis through indecision; waiting around for a change to come, and being unwilling"
23 April 2023

Tragicomics just dropped a new alt-country piece called Stranger Things and it’s pretty darn good. The song has a sweet and sour taste that will remain with you.

Christopher Eatough, Toby Cryne, Laura Morley and Jay Fearon make up the Manchester collective – with Chris taking care of vocals and guitar; Toby playing guitar and keys; Laura contributing violin and Jay drumming.

The songs from Tragicomics have beautiful melodies and striking lyrics that create an intense and romantic atmosphere. The four-piece’s new single Stranger Things is a lively, country-inspired song, with an emotionally powerful vocal line and provocative lyrics combined with a deep soundscape.

Stranger Things definitely displays their versatility, jumping from its bright sound to something a bit more mellow in the outro, It starts with a lush orchestra break and some sentimental vocals, but it ends by quickly switching back to its original motivating vibes.

Talking about the motivation behind the song, Tragicomics said Stranger Things is a song about paralysis. Paralysis through indecision; waiting around for a change to come, and being unwilling – or unable – to make that change yourself. Nights spent staring into the sky, waiting for an answer that will never arrive. Realising your own faults and that there is no overcoming them. But, you know, it’s also a playful, slightly daft country song. There are two sides to everything.” 

Pinhole Studio had the perfect setup for recording the track – they used some old favorites such as 60s tape delay and Leslie speaker to get that classic country sound.

Adam Gorman did the mixing and Frank Arkwright – known for his work with The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division and Scott Walker – was in charge of mastering at Abbey Road. Basslines were provided by Matt O’Brien.

Tragicomics definitely follow the best creative practices and ensure that the art for their releases is remarkable. That was the case with their latest single which exhibited an original painting of renowned artist Jude Wainwright.

Photo by Louis Garbutt