TRAFTON Unveils Stylish Visual For BLACK WATER

By Frank Bell

Rising electronic star Trafton releases genre-spanning titan Black Water. Out now, it has a stylish visual accompaniment to match its sonic class. 

Teaming up with producer Luke Davis, Black Water is a synth-lead epic with lush pads and powerful percussion. Trafton’s haunting vocals guide the track, as if in control of some huge beast. 

“Black Water is about conflicting images of the self and the fear of one’s own deepest desires…, reaching a tension so high that everything stops,” explains Trafton. “To me it feels like the eye of a great storm…, a surreal moment of profound rarity and significance that I tried to bring to life through the production.” 

Self-taught and talented, he has already released multiple successful tracks, including his debut EP Ice Boy which garnered 1.09M Spotify streams. With many more tunes to come, and the excitement of live music next year, 2021 looks to be very promising indeed for Trafton.