TRACE comes back with a surprising track called ‘Too Much’

"It feels like a song that is more about me and less about anyone or anything else."
7 July 2023

In 2016, TRACE made her debut with an awesome indie project called the Low. She was able to bring it to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It was like a mix of Lana Del Rey’s cool west-coast vibes and James Blake’s soulful R&B. It got over 33 million streams and even scored her a record deal. Pretty mind-blowing stuff.

Then she scored her first record deal with SONY and Ultra Records in 2018. She dropped her first single Blood and Bones which gained her some attention, leading to the release of two more singles: Side Eye and Anxiety.

She is back in 2023 with a new super cool EP called The End Of A Feeling and it starts with a surprising song called Too Much.

Too Much is a real gem that shows off the R&B side of her music. It has a sweet feel and is filled with lots of love and attention to detail.

She explains: Too Much is the purest form of sadness on my EP. I wrote this from a place of acceptance that “too much” isn’t a bad thing, but a necessary thing to get to the place of honesty and truth about oneself and about others. Too Much is about admitting hurt, which coincides with a sense of pride being softened. It also feels like a song that is more about me and less about anyone or anything else. It introduces hints of R&B the rest of the record doesn’t really present but I think I wanted to subdue the emotions a bit. Causing perhaps a desire to reflect and move on.”

TRACE‘s alt-pop production has this amazing melancholy feeling that adds to its exciting sound. Her soft but powerful voice and catchy melodies blend perfectly, creating a unique blend of R&B, indie and pop that strikes the sweet spot.

TRACE has really outdone herself with Too Much. Her unique sound creates a new musical universe that is a perfect reflection of who she is as an artist. It’s innovative and soothing at once, and captures everything it stands for.

The track has this fresh feel with the smooth and sexy vocals that blend perfectly with the polished production.

Growing up in a multicultural environment has really shaped her songwriting. Her lyrics are strong and emotionally raw, cutting through all the noise surrounding her.

TRACE makes an audacious statement with her new track Too Much, proving once again why she is one of the most exciting artists in pop music.

Photo by Milena Mallory