The Only Way Is Essex is back on our screens on Sunday and is back with even more drama!

Mark Wright told the Sun TV buzz, “People in Essex were critical at first.” He explained, “But now if they don’t like it, we can just hold up our BAFTA.” Their success has changed the stars’ lives dramatically, Jess Wright revealed “It’s weird, the attention my family gets. Our house is like the Osbournes’ now – its crazy!”

Sam Faiers isn’t quiet getting used to the celeb status, “The parties we are going to are amazing, I still pinch myself when celebrities know who I am. How mad is that?” But it depends on who they are! Mark is definitely well known for his large ego, “I’d like to conquer the world in series three.”

Assuming by ‘the world’ he means ‘Essex.’ Joey Essex also has his say on the most talked about relationship (well not any more): “I think Lauren and Mark will get back together, give it two weeks.” Here we go again!