Totem Terrors are a band you need to sit up and take note of. What a bloody band. From the offset, their latest album ‘Hard Science’ is an explosion of noise filled with catchy post-punk riffs and just general awesomeness.

Introducing track ‘Big E’ is a perfect example of what to expect from the rest of the album, bringing in distortion-heavy guitar riffs from the get-go and adding to that a shit load of feedback and some pretty poignant lyrics to create a brilliantly post-punk rock track.

Other stand out tracks include the seriously reverb-heavy ‘Deathwish MF’ and the instantly catchy riffs of ‘Chicken’ and ‘Narrowman’.

All the way through this album Max Hicks and Rosie Smith’s male-female call and response game is on point, with their English accents always pushing through the noise to create an almost indie-rock song. At points I’d even go as bold to say there were elements of Foals’ heavier tracks like ‘Inhaler’ in there – which is well and truly welcome.

This is not to say that there aren’t a few curve balls on this album; ‘Me and My Sister’ and ‘UNVRSY’ seems to venture away from the guitar screeches and vocal shouts and takes a more sombre approach. Keeping us on our toes perhaps?

‘Hard Science’ comes full circle with their final track ‘None Under’ – where we are welcomed back to the duo’s crazy imagination and extremely loud noises that you won’t forget about in a hurry.

‘Hard Science’ is out now via Diet Pops. We suggest you go out and buy it.

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