1940’s diva Hedy Lamarr

Looking back on history, it is clear that one of humanity’s greatest concerns is looking good. Probably form the dawn of mankind itself, people have always wanted to make sure that they look good and that other people will appreciate the way they dress, the way they walk, talk, and so on. In that regard, a lot of effort has been put into all those categories and more. Looking a bit at the former, how people dress, there have been a lot of things that people came up with to improve their dressing code.

Enchantingly chic: Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece ‘Rear Window’

One of the most noticeable things people do to bring a new shine to their clothing or appearance is add jewelry. Jewelry is incorporated into any kind of wear and offers a glimmer that rounds up the entire presentation. For some and the way they dress, it represents that extra little something needed to make the outfit look complete. When it comes to particular jewelry, there have been many types of stones used to make beautiful women more beautiful, and dashing men even more dashing. One of the most exquisite jewelry types and one that is regarded by many as the queen of jewelry is the pearl.

Pearls have been part of the highest ranking elite class’ dressing code for a very long time now, but lower social categories have gained access to pearls in more recent times just as well. That being said, let’s take the time and check out some of the ways in which you can wear pearls.

Mermaid tiara

There is a certain trend of putting PearlsOnly in your hairdo. This is nicknamed the mermaid tiara or the mermaid crown simply because that’s exactly what it makes you look like. Pearls and the depth of the ocean go hand in hand, so a mermaid was probably the most elegant choice for that association.

Cardigan faux buttons

This is something that can be as subtle as it is stylish. The great thing about wearing pearls as faux buttons on a cardigan is the fact that you play both the modest and the pompous card at the same time, leaving room for interpretation as to which side you give in to most.

Pearl frames

If you wear glasses, it’s the perfect opportunity to stylish the frames with some pearls. Regardless of whether they are reading glasses or sunglasses, they can sport a pearl contour to make them cooler than ever. Sunglasses might go better on a beach or at the swimming pool, but day to day glasses can be a real trendy accessory that complements your outfit.

Pearl heels

Despite their day to day preferences, most women are accustomed to high heels and have worn them on different occasions. That being said, many might not have thought about pearl heels for their footwear. This stylish and inventive way of using pearls makes the high heel look classier than ever.