The vast majority of people in the UK will enjoy a pretty regular night out each week. Popping in to town to hit a few bars or clubs wearing neither sharp nor shabby accoutrements is a matter of course for many, many venues, bars and clubs having a preference for their patrons being comfortable and not pressured.

Despite our love for the regular and well-known however, one could definitely be labelled a liar for not expressing some want for a classier, finer experience. AAA venues, high-profile events, celebrity-laden clubs and casinos are all sought-after, but what exactly should one wear to these opulent climes?


In many peoples’ minds, the image of a casino floor is closely modelled on Las Vegas; hordes of t-shirt and jeans-wearing individuals donning sun visors and carting around ‘big gulp’ sized cups of quarters and nickels. This idea of dress might be fine in the more mainstream, well trodden casinos of the world but for the really glittering establishments a little more effort is required.

Although individual casinos’ dress codes vary, gentlemen should definitely be wearing either a suit or a jacket-shirt-trousers-leather shoes combination. For the ladies either dresses or trouser suits are acceptable, and the general rule of thumb-choosing things that you’d be happy winning lots of games wearing- should definitely be in the front of ladies’ (and gents’) minds.
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High-Profile Events

Red carpets, servants armed with champagne and classier finger food than you could shake a cane at; who doesn’t enjoy, high-profile events even secretly? If you’ve received an invitation to a more upper class jaunt of an evening, your first port of call when deciding what to wear should, naturally, be to check with the organisers or the invitation itself.

If these two aren’t available, go for the swankiest clothes you own. For guys this has to be a suit and white shirt combination, the shirt worn with the top button unbuttoned, or with a sleek tie. For girls, elegance is key; any gown that shows off figures and makes the wearer look fabulous without succumbing to ridiculously plunging necklines or north-of-the-knee- hemlines.

Classy Clubs & Bars

For the kinds of establishments that you might spend a night of celebration- or a night of outright profligacy- within, then the rules are, again, mainly down to the club or bar in question, however there a few rules to keep in whilst you’re stood in front of your wardrobe at 7pm. Smart casual is the word of the day here, though you want to be comfortable enough so you’re still able to bust out some moves on the dance floor!