Top Tips For Turning Your Beer Passion Into A Brewing Business

By Vanessa B

If you love all things craft beer-related and you can make a decent beverage, here’s how you can get your beer-brewing passion off the ground and grow it into your very own independent business. 

Start small

Good things come with time. It’s important not to overdo it, especially when working by yourself. Start by making a few different brews each week until you’ve got the right formula and tastes down and then gradually upscale your business as the custom starts to come in. It’s also important to not overprice your beverages when you’re just starting out too, as they will need to gain notoriety first – charge a reasonable price and you’ll notice some traction in the number of customers you begin to receive. 

Training and education

Before you start your own brewing business, you’ll want to ensure you have the right knowledge and training to do so. This will result in fewer mistakes and ultimately less wastage of products in the case of a batch going wrong. There are multiple online craft beer courses that can help you to understand the world of brewing and how to do it properly. 

Have enough funding

If you wish to take your business up a notch and create your own efficient microbrewery, then you’ll want to have plenty of funding to be able to afford all of the supplies that must come along with it – after all, mash tuns aren’t cheap! You’ll also want plenty of space for bottling and decanting your beer, as well as supplies to correctly equip your business. This could be for things like prepping the bottles ready for sale such as bottle brushes to pre-clean them and label makers to let customers know what your beer is called and what hops are used.

Partner up

Collaborating with a well-established brewery on a beverage could help get your business’s name out there. Alternatively, you could visit your local bars and pubs and ask them if they would be willing to stock your produce for a fee. This way, customers will be able to find out more about your business and you will be making an indirect profit – this is good for businesses that don’t have their own store front or taphouse.

Listen to your customers

You’ve heard the popular phrase “the customer is always right.”, and it’s a valuable piece of advice. Getting your customers’ feedback on your design, price point, and most importantly the taste of your beer can help you to grow and develop new and exciting ways of marketing. It can also help you with the creation of new flavours and seasonal ideas that can push extra sales. 


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